Strategic Products

Coal Tar chemicals

Dual productions in Japan and China, depending on end-use applications.
High quality coal tar base products distilled at vertically integrated production units. We supply wide range of Tar-base products in short lead-time, having inventory in Japan, China, USA and Europe.

Production Flow

  • Coal tar ⇒ (Extraction,distillation & purification)
    • ⇒ Pyridine
    • ⇒ Quinoline
      • ⇒ 8-Hydroxyquinoline
      • ⇒ 2,3-Pyridinedicarboxylic Acid
    • ⇒ Isoquinoline
    • ⇒ Quinalidine
    • ⇒ Bottom Oils (Crude Methylquinoline)

QuinolineREACh Registration Completed

  Standard High Purity MW 129.16
Purity 97.5%Min. 98.5%Min.
Isoquinoline <2.5% <1.0%
Appearance Yellow ~ Dark brownish Liquid
Moisture <1.0% <0.1%

IsoquinolineREACh Registration Completed

Purity 97.0%Min. MW 129.16
Appearance Yellow brownish Liquid or Solid (below 25℃)
Moisture >0.5%

8-HydroxyquinolineREACh Pre-registered

Purity 99.0%Min. MW 145.16
Appearance White ~ Light Yellow Flake

IndoleREACh Pre-registered

Purity 99.5%Min. MW 145.16
Appearance White ~ Light Yellow Solid

About Quinoline

Quinoline is a hetrocyclic aromatic organic compound with chemical formula of C9H7N. Quinoline is yellowish ~ dark brownish liquid, and is slightly soluble in cold water but dissolves well in most organic solvents.
Quinoline is extracted from Coal-Tar, then distilled to high purity. With its unique characters, Quinoline is used in wide range of end-use applications, such as sulfur recovery (Claus process), water treatment, metal finishing and organic solvent as well as precursor to intermediate of agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediates such as 8-Hydroxyquinoline and 2,3-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid.

Quinoline for Sulfur recovery process

In petroleum and natural gas refineries, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is removed in acid gas removal process and is sent to sulfur recovery unit. To remove H2S, the most common technology is to absorb H2S in reusable absorbing solution. The reusable absorbing solution is typically Nitrogen compound, more precisely amine compound, which dissolve H2S gas. Among the amine compound, Quinoline is one of the best choices for this process and is commonly used as main ingredient of the absorbing solution.